+2 Islam Kamilov · December 10, 2014
How can I learn C?

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+3 Daniel Collier · December 10, 2014
by doing C
+3 Daniel Collier · December 10, 2014
no but seriously the only way to learn code is to code and make mistakes. then when you dont know how to do something read up on it. for starting of just lean basic file operations like printing to the screen or loading a file. set a goal. with me i wanted to learn game programming so my goal was to make a game, then you break that down. what do i need to make the game ? okay i need user input from the mouse how do  get that? i need to be able to draw to the screen, how do i do that? google is your friend
+2 Arnab Banerjee · December 10, 2014
Hey, if you really wanna learn c you have to practice, and this book will give you the basic idea of C programming, so you really want to read this (specially if you are new to programming), so just go to the given link

+3 Yousef Al-Hadhrami · December 10, 2014
My replay will be almost as same as Daniel Collier's replay.
+3 c student · December 12, 2014
books are the way to go if you're limited on resources as they (might) detail further into the workings underneath the code compared to most of the video tutorials out there.  it would benefit you greatly to learn all of that so you know what you are doing and what is happening which will allow you to debug your own code.

+1 for K&R, excellent and highly recommended.
+1 Alok Pradhan · December 16, 2014
Well there are soo many videos on this website itself if you really want to get started and then take some refrence from Books if you want to really get them details... I think Bucky's C Tutorials are really cool and it has helped me like ALOT!! not just with learning how to program but also saved my ass being kicked in college coz I wasnt really into programming before but now I kinda started liking it.. 
0 Islam Kamilov · April 1, 2015
thank you very much for all of you... that informations help me more
0 Marek Ďurkovič · April 5, 2015
Hey, somebody can help me? Do you see any mistake in this code? :


int main()
    char YourName(10);
    char YourWeight(10);


    printf("What is your name? \n");
    scanf("%s \n", YourName);

    printf("What is your weight in kilograms? \n");
    scanf("%d \n", YourWeight);

    printf("%s has %d kilograms. \n", YourName, YourWeight);

    return 0;
+1 Franz Schmidt · April 5, 2015
First of all where are your includes??:ermm:

Then i suspect that you want to use arrays.
And arrays get declaired with angular brackets:
char YourName[10];

And since you want to enter a number for the weight you must not use char. You need to use int or a float or another datatype for numbers. (then you don't need the (10))

so change the declaration to:
char YourName[10];
int YourWeight;
+1 Alex Carter · April 6, 2015
Hey, Marek, I see two mistakes.
First, there should write #include <stdio.h>
Second, in scanf("%d" \n", &YourWeight); you missed &, only for strings you don't need &.
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