can i create a website by my own?

+2 Johan N'sitou N'sitou · December 10, 2014
i want to learn web development.

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0 michael walker · March 17, 2015
i have only started 3 weeks ago. it is very easy to pick up i am moving on to javascript now :D
0 Vera Hurst · March 17, 2015
To learn web development you need to learn the following:
and have a working knowledge of Node,js too.
+2 Steven the awesome · December 19, 2014

  • 1. HTML

  • 2. CSS

  • 3. PHP

  • 4. Javascript

  •        4.1 - jQuery

  •        4.2 - Ajax

  •        4.3 - JSON

  • 5. ASP.NET

+1 Sašo Plut · December 19, 2014
plenty of tutorials on the web. You can create a website without even knowing hot to code using stuff like WordPress if making a website is your only concern. For developing websites you need to know HTML and CSS. with this you can create a lot. If you want to create richer websites you will need to learn JS (javascript). For advanced websites you will need PHP which unlike HTML CSS and JS runs on the server not in the browser.
HTML and CSS are really easy and JS and PHP are more advanced but if you learn one you will not have a problem learning another.
Like any other developing, you will learn by doing, and it feels great when you finally find that one tiny mistake that is making the whole thing collapse..
0 Muamet Shasivari · December 19, 2014
I will send you ebooks if you need one :)
+1 timi peniel · December 13, 2014
then start leaning it... If u lean it, then you can create yours.
+1 JingPing Xiao · December 13, 2014
Yes?you can .I am leanning HTMl and‘s very interesting.
+1 muo mexy · December 10, 2014
You can, just download the tutorials and move on from there
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