I'm working with a couple of friends on a small game (3 levels). We're testing our main level which only shows things like lasers, turbines, platforms, etc. During the testing of this level (and our game mechanic of time dialation) we noticed that there is a quirky bug with the camera and the ceiling.

(Quote from my friend who found the bug):

The camera issue is with the ceiling. Whenever the ceiling is within the distance the camera is set at from the pawn, the camera will go through the ceiling. But the camera will not do the same with walls or the floor. So I'm not sure what makes the ceiling different from all the rest.

Here's a screenshot of what is happening. When I hit our moving platform, it shot me straight up and the view (which is supposed to be third person) goes to first person and all you get is the screenshot below. I also noticed that after hitting this point, the player gets shoved off the platform and is thrown back on the floor.


Please ignore the multiple HUDs. There are HUD scripts on my machine that I haven't removed yet. What could be causing this issue? If you need any scripts (there are a total of 27 scripts so far), please let me know. I don't want to post them all on here if they're irrelevant. Any help would be very greatly appreciated as we are also completely stumped. Thank you so much!! ^_^