Next Level of java script ?

+2 Mhmd Fawzy · December 10, 2014
Where can I find the tutorial for the next level of java-script after the beginner level?
and if it's not here, could you recommend one for me?

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0 Jragon Chan · December 10, 2014
Personally I would recommend the following book: 
'Javascript: The Good Parts':

That'll teach you everything you need to know, it's not too long either. 

From then I recommend you start fiddling with the MEAN full stack.
+1 Predrag Kostic · December 28, 2014
Could you specify what 'level' you're at?
If you've watched all of Buckys tutorials on JavaScript, I recommend completing all of the tutorials over at, they're mostly about web design.
0 mendy kahan · January 1, 2015
I used a book called Javascript & Jquery  for Jon Duckett. 
and I watch lots of courses on
0 Raphael de Oliveira · January 2, 2015
Honestly I'd say that you should just try to make harder stuff by yourself, just Googling every time you don't know how to do something

0 Sochima Biereagu · January 10, 2015
i wouldn't recommend Douglas crokford's book on javascript, cause its definetly meant for intermediate javascript programmers, try out the following books which are pretty good, you would grasp alot

1. Eloquent Javascript -
by marijin. A pretty good book for both beginners and intermediate js programmers, even Javascript experts can still use it as a reference

2. Javascript: The definitive guide
by David Flanagan
It is usually refered to as the Bible for javascript programmers.

3. Javascript for web developers
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