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+3 James Bowman · June 4, 2014
Bucky i love the videos you have made to help us Learn stuff from i am a newby to the forum but i have been watching videos for a while
i wanted to ask ya if your planning on doing some office videos to help us learn word and other office programs

thanks for your time on this 

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0 James Bowman · June 4, 2014
so why all the hate i just ask a simple question and dont need all the smart ass responses people like yall two make it so people dont want to come back
0 James Bowman · June 4, 2014
what is wrong they can say what they want but my comment wont be posted???????
0 James Bowman · June 4, 2014
i guess i can just go to youtube and find others that want to help and not come back here!!!!!!!!!
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