SDK problem on eclipse

0 Ketan Vyawahare · December 8, 2014
Hi Bucky, 

i am following your android development tutorials. I have installed ADT plug in successfully. But through that ADT, it's not opening the sdk manager. It just shows the progressive bar saying opening sdk manager shortly and then it vanishes and nothing happens further. Can you please tell me why is it happening so ? Actually there is no error or nothing like it on eclipse. Please help me.

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0 Ketan Vyawahare · December 9, 2014
nope sam ... not working ... 
0 Bryan Leung · December 11, 2014
Should switch to Android Studio now since Eclipse ADT is no longer being supported.
0 Ketan Vyawahare · December 11, 2014
Sam ... Previously I had made that mistake of jdk path variable ... But I corrected it ... 
I think I should switch to android studio... Actually we are doing a project for developing an android app... My partner can run the android on his laptop successfully. But he had did it so earlier. So will we be able to collaborate our codes on studio and ecclipse together ?  
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