0 Roger Pettersson · December 8, 2014
Hi guys,

have any of you tried or used IronPython ?

And if so, what is main purpose with it... i mean, is it more integrated with Windows itself ? 

Also, will there be different modules (then Pycharm) to download and play around with ? Another question... is the language the same ?

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0 Roger Pettersson · December 8, 2014
Ok, thanks for the response. Though i saw that too, on their website. They also did host a very extensive tutorial. But i really find Buckys tutorial more direct and easy going style more appealing to me.

The thing that bothers me the most, is the fact that it is very hard (for me at least) to get hold on some decent literature (on and offline) about Python. I mean, even though it seems that most of the modules are open source, its hard to grasp all the modules "commands" / functions. Its like chewing on a hot pizza slice that just came out from the oven... its there, you are hungry, but you cant eat it :-/
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