.py to exe (im using pycharm 3.4.1)

+2 Inzimam Iqbal · December 8, 2014
Im using pycharm 3.4.1 how to convert .py files to exe so that those people who dont have python can also use my programs?

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+1 H. P. Lovecraft · December 8, 2014
You can take a look at cx Freeze, it is a cross platform solution which also works for python 3. http://cx-freeze.sourceforge.net
+1 Inzimam Iqbal · December 10, 2014
I tried it's works only for some simple codes....
+2 Vaggelis Theodoridis · December 11, 2014
Theres also py2exe and pyinstaller.
+2 c student · December 11, 2014
python is a script language therefore it is dependent on the python software/interface/framework/whatever, that means it is not a programming language which are independent of such requirements.
0 Inzimam Iqbal · December 11, 2014
py2exe , pyinstaller all works only for python 2.x not for 3.x
0 Vaggelis Theodoridis · December 11, 2014
You are right about pyinstaller but py2exe works for python 3.3 and later:
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