Not able to run project

0 rajesh upadhayaya · December 7, 2014
i am getting java.lang.NullPointerException while creating the project. So  am not able to run my project..

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0 rajesh upadhayaya · December 8, 2014
Actually my project was running file. Then i closed my project and try to create a new project and that time i was getting the above error and also in the old project. So now i have created one more project in another folder and the error gone. I think i found the reason, along with my project folder there is one more folder named appcompat_v7 so i was also closed that due to which i was getting error. Can u please explain what is the use of appcompat_v7.
0 rajesh upadhayaya · December 9, 2014
Thanks Sam, that link really help me to understand.
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