Math is a wonderful thing...

+2 Jonah Morrison · December 7, 2014
Why do people hate it so much? Personally I really enjoy math. I love figuring out answers to equations, creating math problems and all around working with numbers.

Do you enjoy math?

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+1 Kanon Tape · December 8, 2014
Math is logic, but than again.. it depends on who teaches it or how 
0 jan burg · December 8, 2014
I've always enjoyed math, especially being creative with it. It doesn't always work out to be creative, use your own shorted approach, but it's fun and you learn something.
+2 Troy Jones · December 7, 2014
Creative people don't generally like math, where analytical people do.
0 Pere Garau Burguera · December 7, 2014
Of course I do
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