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+2 Uchiha Madara · December 7, 2014
Hello , 
I am a student and am currently learning c++.
So , my question is that do we have any function through which we can make Piano Notes sound in the command line interface?
Im already familiar with windws.h Beep function but it doesnt work properly . The thing is that Im also a Pianist , so perhaps I could add some music to my project...
@Bucky and all
Pls. Help !

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0 H. P. Lovecraft · December 9, 2014
This is not a part of standard C++, if you want to do stuff with sounds you got to use a third-party library.
0 Vraj Patel · December 22, 2014
Try using the PortAudio C++ Library for stuff like that. Here is the link to the library http://www.portaudio.com/.
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Used in many types of software including music players, video games, and many large scale applications.

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