Unity vs UDK

+15 Bucky Roberts · June 3, 2014
For people who have worked with both Unity and UDK, which one do you prefer and why?

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0 Joey Bananas · June 5, 2015
I dont have a dog in this fight (yet). With that said I'd go UDK. Only reason being the hordes of crap games on steam made with Unity.
0 faisal azizi · May 28, 2015
It have 2 parts :
One is easy to understand 
Second is powerful 
Clearly unity is easy to understand 
Udk is powerful but hard to understand 
0 Martie Murphy · July 24, 2015
I am a high school teacher deciding if I should use unity or UDK, what would the students like and be able to learn quickly?
0 Shrijit Menon · June 20, 2014
Unity is all good and user friendly but it has several limitations, UDK though a bit difficult to grasp initially is much more powerful.
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