urlreceive() vs urlopen()

+2 Austin Elliott · December 6, 2014
What is the difference between urlreceive() and urlopen(), and how do I know when to use one or the other?

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+1 Vaggelis Theodoridis · December 6, 2014
When you want to download a file use urlretrieve (i guess u meant that, not receive).
Use urlopen when you want to do something in a webpage like login or read some part of the webpage or something.
Imagine it like when you want to download a file you press a button and download it (urlretrieve) and when you want to come here to thenewboston you point your browser to a url (urlopen).
At least this is my understanding, if im wrong please correct me.
+1 Austin Elliott · December 6, 2014
Thank you!
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