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+2 Amod Nazirkar · December 5, 2014
Hi Bucky !!!
First of all would like to Thank you with all my Heart !!! You are Amazing Man and your Tutorials are a lot Helpful !!!

I am making a self help HTML and CSS File Referring to your Tutorials and while doing so something struck me !!!
My Question here is related to the nth-child in css,

please have a look at my Code Below :


<!doctype html>
<html lang="en">
    <meta charset="utf-8" />
    <title>HTML 5-CSS3</title>
    <link rel="stylesheet" href="css3-stylesheet.css">

     <!--class parent Starts styled the Third child over here-->
        <div class="parent">
            <div class="son">This is the First Child</div>
            <div class="son">This is the Second Child</div>
            <div class="son">This is the Third Child</div>
            <div class="son">This is the Fourth Child</div>
            <div class="son">This is the Fifth Child</div>
            <div class="son">This is the Sixth Child</div>
     <!--class parent Ends-->

     <!--class daddy starts-->
        <div class="daddy">
            <div class="daughter">This is the First daughter</div>
            <div class="daughter">This is the Second daughter</div>
            <div class="daughter">This is the Third daughter</div>
            <div class="daughter">This is the Fourth daughter</div>
            <div class="daughter">This is the Fifth daughter</div>
            <div class="daughter">This is the Sixth daughter</div>
    <!--class daddy Ends-->


/*Using Pseudo-Classes*/

well now what is happening is as i give the (odd) and (even) Values in the css the nth-child is styling both of my div's with the class of "Daughter" as well as "son"
what I wanna do is keep all the child divs with the class "son" unaffected, and only style the "daughter" class div childs with the (odd) and (even) values.

I tried taking both divs (".parent")(".daddy") inside separate sections and Articles too... but it didn't Helped, maybe the nth-child property applies universally to all the childs.

is there any way i can go about styling both divs Differently using nth-child ???
please Help !!!

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0 olawumi olusegun · December 8, 2014
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0 Amod Nazirkar · December 8, 2014
Sure Phillip Have a Nice Day Bro !!! :D \\HAPPY CODING//
0 Phillip Drake · December 7, 2014
Glad the code worked for you!  Anytime you need help just give a shout out.
0 Amod Nazirkar · December 6, 2014
Hey Phillip !!! It worked Thank you so Much !!!!! Your Reply was very Valuable !! I got to Learn something New, Thank you so Much for your Quick Response I Really Appreciate it !!!
0 Phillip Drake · December 6, 2014
Hello Amod!  Try the following CSS.  I hope this helps......

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