How to get source code for the lisa project

+6 Omiwale Rasheed · December 4, 2014
please i want the lisa project source code to my e-mail

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0 Cosmin Cosmin · April 19, 2015
Can someone please send me the code for project lisa thanks!!! this is the email
0 wouter platteeuw · April 18, 2015
can anyone please send me the Lisa Project files. I tried downloading it from but i get a unusable rar file (damaged or corrupt)

My email is Sending the file would be much appriciated as i really would like to follow this course
0 kashif iqbal · April 16, 2015

 Please anyone have Lisa Project source code with sql file 
kindly send me at this id

0 Nguyễn Lợi · April 13, 2015
Please send me the source code of project lisa to :  ... Tks
0 KIRAN DASH · April 13, 2015
Thanks Mayank
0 Tamer Ahmed · April 9, 2015
please if  you  have  (any projects  ) souce code ,  send it to  me
I want any souce code ,  it will  benefit  me  at learning
thanks all
0 KIRAN DASH · March 27, 2015
Hi there, Omiwale Rasheed ...

I too have the same problem here. So, if you are having the source code now. Please help me with that..

email id:
0 basanta sahoo · March 20, 2015
Dear Sir,

Thanks for your reply.

I have searched and downloaded  the zip file but it does not unzip.

Give error "does not appear to be valid archive". That is the reason for the  request of the link.

0 basanta sahoo · March 16, 2015
any body is having the source code ?

Please email me to
0 Pranjal Gupta · March 11, 2015
i also want that please someone mail me to
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