Before people are allowed to post on the stream for the first time they should be directed to page of FAQ. There should be check boxes next to each one to encourage people to read them. Failure to comply would result in the donkey picture for 30 days. :D

1. What happened to /

Bucky Roberts:

"Well everyone, BuckysRoom is now officially thenewboston! 

For anyone who is curious about the change, well grab a blanket because here is the story… (at least a very condensed version of it) 

First of all, this social network was never supposed to become this big. About two years ago I wanted to make a VERY simple social network, just for a short tutorial series. So I purchased a small hosting plan and the domain name “BuckysRoom” for a few bucks because that was the first name to pop into my head. 

Once people started signing up, I hired a few developers to help out with some of the programming. Over time we kept adding more and more features to it and now here we are. So it was basically just a tutorial series that got really out of hand :-) 

Over the past few months, it became pretty clear what was going to be best for our community. I wanted to have only one website, one name, one forum. One place with everything integrated together so that people wouldn’t have to search all over the internet whenever they are looking for tutorials or need help with a problem. So that’s why I decided to make the final switch to thenewboston. 

Kind of sucks to say goodbye to BuckysRoom, but I know that making everything as simple as possible will be much better in the long run :-)"

Taken from his forum post here:

2. Where's the source code?
Answer: The source code can be found in the forum in its respective section. Some of the source code for certain videos might longer exist due to the site migration. See question 1.

3. Y Bucky no reply to me?
Bucky is a busy man. He's trying to run a site. He's trying to make youtube tutorials. And to top it all off. He has a life too. Crazy i know right? Dont be offended if he doesnt reply to you right away. He trys to reply to as many people as he can. 

4. "Uhm, hi guys I need help. Im doing the java tutorials but i get an error i dont know why?

public school apples[
   public starch void mane(string args{}) {
       System.out.println('Hello World"):

Any code related questions should be posted in the forum in its appropriate section. Please PLEASE PLLLLEAASSEEE use
the code blocks. Here's a picture:
5. Why is no one answering my question, i posted it in the forum? 
No one here wants to do your homework for you. If you post a question and make no attempt at solving your problem we cant help you. This is a site dedicated to learning. If you make an attempt and cant still cant resolve your answer, post what you got and the error you're getting. Give a good description of what it is you're trying to do and what you think the issue might be.

6. I posted my question in the forum and its not a homework problem and people still arent helping me, i even posted my code, what i was trying to accomplish AND the error message i'm getting?
Please be patient. When someone comes along and knows how to help you they will. Posting on the stream directing people to your forum post is less effective at getting answers. Patience is a virtue.

Those are just some examples I could think of...