I would like to suggest a new topic for Python Tutorial. That is, if I can get my point across ....... 

On many occasions, I have downloaded a Python Program and it says all I have to do is run it. I open the zip file up and it has many folders, Lib,Bin, and many others. Sometimes, all I have to do is go in the bin and click the Application and it will run. Sometimes, the folders are empty. The big question is: 
WHERE DO I PUT the folder?? Sometimes I place it in the Python 27 Directory. sometimes I place it in the c:/Dir , I usually have NO Idea where to place it. A tutorial on this would be very helpful to this newbie. I have read and understood most all of your python and c Tutorials. You have a GIFT for teaching. If you could put it down to a low level (I am sure that you can) I believe I and other members would benefit from this.