[JAVA] Why are static methods and ints bad??

+3 Theo Souza · December 3, 2014
So ive been strengthening my programming skills lately by writing tons of programs, i was looking at some forums and i came across a thread that was having a debate on using Static modifiers... Ive come to rely heavily on them in all my programs and im so confused on why they are/are not bad... Ive read up alot on the subject and my searches always end up with people arguing back and forth and no real definitive answer, so ill ask all the java programmers on this site... Whats the deal with them? Should i not use them at all? Should i use them sparingly? Why are they bad? Im so confused on the subject and admittedly a little discouraged because as ive said before i use them heavily and not using them would wreck my entire programming style, but if they are really bad practice obviously i want to learn how and more importantly why to get rid of them. What do you guys think??

TL;DR Why are statics bad practice(if they are), should they be used?

Thanks guys!

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+1 Homer Simpson · December 3, 2014
I'm no expert but I don't think static methods are necessarily bad. Java is object oriented though and it's good practise to associate behaviors( instance variables/methods) with objects(classes).
0 Theo Souza · December 3, 2014
yeah i keep hearing that, time to rethink the way i develop lol, dont want to practice bad habits
0 Homer Simpson · December 3, 2014
Sam Kuzio for president!
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