Giving up search engines

+1 Jesse Cox · December 2, 2014
Could you imagine your life without a search engine (yahoo, google, bing, msn)? Could you do it?

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0 jan burg · December 2, 2014
That's pretty cool. I should probably learn to navigate the web more. If duckduckgo ever goes down somehow, I will. I refuse to be tracked through online searches.
0 Jesse Cox · December 2, 2014
I'm trying it for a couple of days. I've already had to find several loop-holes around the web. When looking for the websites of my favorite radio stations, I started at tunein and found a link from there. Then I had to research some Linux commands. . . That one got me stumped hugely. Finally found a link to an external site from askubuntu. Don't know if I like it but I'm wondering if I'll learn something from the experience.

EDIT: I'm using leechblock to accomplish it.
0 jan burg · December 2, 2014
Jesus that would be awful. I'd be firing off (curl | grep) commands from the terminal A LOT more than I do now.
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