+2 Utkarsh Adhrit · December 2, 2014
Jobs or Gates? Sounds like a political scandal..

But who in your opinion won it in the end. 

The windows copying the Mac stuff, then pixar and NeXt..Jobs was so much more.
While Gates was a total genius, he bailed apple in '97, and amazing human being, with charities and all.

Both amazing individuals, and although I am nobody to assess them, for the fun of it, I'll do so. And so..

I think Jobs edges it. 
 Although I hate apple and their polices and prices here in India.

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+1 jan burg · December 3, 2014
Totally agree, Utkarsh Adhrit. I really like Windows, and I appreciate the significance of Apple's products even though I refuse to buy them. I'm gonna have to go with Steve Jobs though. I have a lot of respect for what he did with Apple and Pixar; basically getting fired from his own company and then coming back and re-obtaining it after the success with Pixar. I always root for the underdog, so I'm going with Steve Jobs.
+3 Susan Moss · December 6, 2014
+2 H. P. Lovecraft · December 6, 2014
Nobody wins.

Both Steve Jobs and Bill Gates are great people who has contributed to computing in many great ways. For me they are equal in their acomplishments, altough Bill Gates seem like a nicer guy in my opinion (but that is totally subjective).

As for the comparison made by Susan Moss, well. Ritchie was never ever ignored he recieved the A.M. Turing award, which is the highest and most prestigious acheviement in the field of Computer Science. Dennis Ritchie was a scientist, Steve Jobs was first and foremost a business man which really knew how to market things.

If there is one man who has been ignored and ridiculed it is Richard M. Stallman, go look him up.
+1 Kevin Jarrell · December 7, 2014
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