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+2 Michael Calloo · December 1, 2014
Is xhtml used in content management systems such as worpress, drupla and joomla?

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0 Michael Calloo · December 6, 2014
Thanks. One last thing. If i build a website using html5 and css, and i upload it to say for example, how can i manage the content of my website without entering into the coding to change stuff. Because large organisations mainly use content management systems, mainly drupal to manage their website. So what is the best suggestion. Use a content management system or build from scratch using html andd csss?
0 Michael Calloo · December 7, 2014
Man, your the boss. Thanks a lot. So does Facebook uses cms or they program from scratch?
+1 James Grimshaw · December 7, 2014
Facebook programmes everything from scratch, they have a lot of developers working on their website :)
0 Michael Calloo · December 8, 2014
Dam.their what  do u suggest I build my website with.from scratch or cms drupal?
0 Michael Calloo · December 8, 2014
Oh and thanks
+1 James Grimshaw · December 8, 2014
Depends on how confident you are with PHP programming. If you are confident and have experience, build it yourself, but if you are a beginner and only really know HTML/XHTML and CSS, I would say use a CMS such as Drupal.

Hope this helps.
0 Michael Calloo · December 9, 2014
Thanks a lot. Man where on earth do you guys gets these info, it has to be university.:-) thanks alot again
0 Michael Calloo · December 9, 2014
Why are my texts jumbled?smh. Suiting seriously wrong is going on
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