+9 Richard den Besten · December 1, 2014

I follow the sql database tutorial and can not find the file Does anyone have any idea how I can find this file?

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0 Bucky Roberts · December 1, 2014
0 Yasmin Eslahi · July 27, 2016
i have the same problem. and also couldn't find this file on the above link. neither " "  nor "costumers.sql" 
+4 Yasmin Eslahi · July 27, 2016 
finally, i got that :D
0 Nasir Chindo · December 22, 2016
hello! pls how may i get my
0 ali bungker · January 19, 2017
0 kled atami · April 23, 2017
Download MySQL Sample Database
0 kled atami · April 23, 2017
0 Nick M · April 23, 2017
Same here.  Apparently the video and links no longer match.  Out dated information.  I would have just kept the old stuff linked or at least gave us the update links..

I'll keep searching....:'(
0 Nick M · April 23, 2017
What a nightmare!  It seems it's an external link to aomeones web host server other than thenewbostons????
Not sure if this is Bucky/Greg/Daniel ////   thenewbostons or not!

Also we are talking about an online web server using a database stored on that site "Host Gator"  so why are we going all around the world here?  No one knows for sure..

Unless this was the only place we could actual download a file from with out compromise?
 Would have been nice to know information up front.!!!!

So lets see how far we can go now that I have some file that might be the correct

Good luck people!!! :)
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