HI all, 
          This is actually a suggestion of a course I'd be willing to do myself (perhaps several related courses).  Not only do I like Semantic Web Technology and Linked Data (which I say below) but many technologies that are part of the Semantic Web are  W3 recommendation for how websites should be coded and other aspects of the Semantic Web are also W3 recommendations.  You might know that the W3 recommendations are not really considered recommendations but are actually guidelines to be followed.  For example, W3 recommendations for HTML5, CSS3, HTML in general and JavaScript even are used by Browser developers, e.g. Google, to develop their browsers.  

Look at many different training sites and you will find almost no mention or listing of courses that have the name Semantic Web or any of the other related topics.  The more people know about and use these technologies the more useful they become.  They make it easier to share content so if others are using the Semantic Web technologies to share content there are more and more people with whom you can share content.  

So, I don't know how to offer something where one says that he or she will actually create the course to be listed here, but if someone tells me, I'll do that.   Maybe I should just send this directly to Bucky.  
Anyway, so I wouldn't retype a lot of stuff, I copied a part of my intro here.  See below.

I have been freelancing for years now. I love technology. I had worked in a different field but then came back to Web Development/Software Engineering several years ago. 

I especially like the Semantic Web Technologies. Even though these are W3 recommendations - which really means these are standards that one should follow, they haven't taken on enough attention among Web Developers, Web Designers or other folks. The Semantic Web makes the web more intelligent. These technologies do not change how a page is displayed, which might have an impact on why they haven't taken off as much as HTML5 and CSS3 technologies which aren't not even at the stage of W3 recommendation yet. The Semantic Web is about an open world wide web distributed database... which means it is not just about information that is hidden and only accessible to those who created the database. It also defines a standard format for storing information, aka data. That format is RDF (Resource Descriptive Format). On web pages, in the markup, you can use RDFa, where the a stands for attributes, and this lets you put the Semantic Web data/information in the markup for the page itself. You use the HTML tag attributes - that's what the a stands for, attributes. 
Then you have standard vocabularies which include terms and how they relate to one another.

If you are interested, I'd love to describe this in more detail. However, I am getting off target with an intro posting. 
What else can I say... Well, I love learning. 

Anyway, I'd like to talk about a project that is for a good cause... but I'm not sure where to describe it. I'd like to get help on it. I'll check out the many forum topics to see which one is most appropriate for sharing this.