Less CSS and SASS

+6 Tsin Fung Johnny Lam · December 1, 2014
Anybody can tell me about these two things?
I met them when I'm in my internship, and the company use bootstrap.
And I know less css and sass are adopted in bootstrap.
Just want to figure out what they are. What I  only can understand is that less css is
something like a library of css, and let you write less and do more, acting like jQuery?

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0 Robert Yank · July 12, 2016
LESS is a superset of CSS. This means that all CSS code is valid LESS code but there are additional elements in LESS which would not be valid in CSS. This is great because your existing CSS is already valid LESS code, minimizing the learning curve to using LESS. http://www.hongkiat.com/blog/less-basic/
0 axel vincent · July 11, 2016
James Grimshaw your link https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Em81E8aSaug
is broken.
+1 James Grimshaw · December 31, 2014
No, it has to be compiled first on the server side, there is no way in which you can compile and run sass on the client side using any kind of JavaScript library.
0 Bos Eriko Reyes · December 16, 2014
so... is there a javascript library that will convert SASS and LESS on the client side? or are they being converted only on the server side? sorry, I don't really know how to use it but I'm interested in it. :o it seems like it can save me a lot of time.
0 Tsin Fung Johnny Lam · December 11, 2014
Thanks a lot!
0 James Grimshaw · December 8, 2014
phpacademy has done some great tutorials on SASS for beginners.


Good luck! :)
0 Tincu Andrei · December 2, 2014
Does anybody knows good tutorials about less and sass for complete beginer?
Thank you.
+1 Jason Amador · December 1, 2014
They are both css preprocessors that take specialized .less or .scss files and turn them in to css that browsers can understand.  They enable things like nesting, includes and "mixins" that are like plugins, variables, etc.  All the stuff that you wish css had but doesn't.

Also check out jade
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