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+3 John Lord · December 1, 2014
Could anyone please tell me how to make my website appear first in results in google search

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0 Jay Deshaun · December 23, 2014
It all depends on the tags and how much visitors are on your site daily.
0 Vraj Patel · December 23, 2014
You can also pay for Google Ads I believe and that will boost it up in the sequence of results.
0 Steven the awesome · December 23, 2014
You need to use the meta tags, such as:

  1. <meta name="robots" content="">

  2. <meta name="revisit-after" content="">

  3. <meta name="language" content="">

  4. <meta name="description" content="">

  5. <meta name="keywords" content"" >

But you can also use the google-site-verification just do Google search and you will learn.
0 John Lord · December 26, 2014
+1 Neil Cannon · December 28, 2014
Tell as many people you can about your website and get them to visit it from their own computer. You will get to the top without using SEO, also choose unique website name.
+1 Gavin Lee · December 28, 2014
I recommend just knowing when to include your niche honestly.

Say that you're trying to get indexed for content related to thenewboston if you don't have the content in your 
<title>This is my example post - TheNewBoston</title>

tags then you will be behind the people who do first off.

Also would recommend having your description look something like this as well.

<meta name="description" content="When it comes to content which is similar to thenewboston I like to place the content related to thenewboston on my blog as an example.">

This is perfect length for Google, not only does it include thenewboston multiple times but its a length that is eye catching. Google limits your website descriptions for their search engines to 140 characters just remember that when posting your blog. 

I personally have not found this very useful but some people say that it is so I am going to include it here as well and it's your Keywords tag. Since you're focusing on thenewboston you would place in 1 - 3 keyword which describe just that.

<meta name="keywords" content"ThewNewBoston, New Boston, Boston, Bucky" >

Having your keywords laid out like this makes it so that when people search your niche in pretty much any format it will display in Google for them.
Now for the screenshot of what your content should look like when all is said and done in Google searches.
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