What is your favorite computer game?

+49 Bucky Roberts · December 1, 2014
Looking for some good games to start playing for PC. What's your favorite game?

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0 Robert Yank · July 12, 2016
Fallout 4 
 Some folks have expressed disappointment in Fallout 4. Fair enough. It was a highly anticipated game that's not going to live up to everyone's expectations. But here's the joy of playing it on PC: Even if the core game left you wanting, you're bound to find a pile of mods that make you fall in love all over again. From fixing bugs and UI issues to straight-up adding new quests, companions and locations, the world of modding is one of the most beautiful things about PC gaming, and this is a great game to discover it with.

The Magic Circle 
 Have you ever wondered what it's like to make a game? The Magic Circle won't exactly answer that, but it will give some powerful, stinging insight into the crap that people who make games have to put up with. It's a clever, self-aware game where you get to reprogram the world around you while listening to developers bicker. That's more fun than it sounds, I promise.
0 Vikas Dhar · July 13, 2016
The Witcher 3
0 Vikas Dhar · July 18, 2016
I like to play computer games and am used to for computer gaming,  there is a list of my favorite games.
GTA sanandreas

GTA vice city
0 Ryan Prasad · July 18, 2016
League Of Legends
0 Ankur Ghosh · September 10, 2016
you may go for Survarium, H1Z1. 
0 young cj · September 14, 2016
0 yuenbing ooi · December 22, 2016
Play DOTA 2!!!!!!!!!
0 Neil Valdez · December 25, 2016
Its FIFA 14 for sure.
0 Jesse Pitman · December 25, 2016
Sounds like you need a good runescape relapse lol
0 Yasin Ali · January 19, 2017
I tell you guys that if anyone of you guys are interested in playing games. Then you probably have to try dota 2. This is the best game ever.
I have tried most of the games like cs 1.6,cod,far cry etc but this game is to addicted that one's you play you can't resist it 



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