What is your favorite computer game?

+49 Bucky Roberts · December 1, 2014
Looking for some good games to start playing for PC. What's your favorite game?

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0 Mladen Scekic · October 3, 2015
Diablo 2 :)
0 denson devaro · October 6, 2015
i think he found the game by now.
0 Yusuf Hassan · October 8, 2015
Hello how are you guys, hope better. 
It is my first time to be here, and i would like to start a new programming language, tell me what programming language to be learnt, i mean for a beginers? 
Thank you
0 Miss Protocol · October 10, 2015
conflict desert storm :P 
0 Milorad Jekic · October 22, 2015
Call of duty mw2 multiplayer :)
also if you like point and click puzzle games, try mysterious island 1, and 2, they are GREAT!
0 Parth Shah · October 28, 2015
FIFA games are the bese imo
0 Scott Adkin · October 30, 2015
Unreal Tournament Pre Alpha (Epic Games)

It's open source pre alpha (FREE)
0 Divulger Michealson · October 31, 2015
i know the perfect game how about some Smash Bros. (nin64) 
i play that like daily and 007 too
0 Milorad Jekic · November 1, 2015
man i remember playin goldeneye when i was kid, about 15 or more years, first multiplayer game i've played :D
0 jessicamavis jessicamavis · November 16, 2015
My favorite computer game is Pirate King,I can go adventure on the sea!



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