What is your favorite computer game?

+51 Bucky Roberts · December 1, 2014
Looking for some good games to start playing for PC. What's your favorite game?

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+1 Developer John · January 9, 2015
I used to play Wizard101, until it became more of a pay to play kind of game.
+2 Abdullah Nauman · January 9, 2015
Wizard101, or Clash of Clans 

Join my clan, D R A G O N S 

I'm the leader, dragon(Gold III) 
0 Neil Cannon · January 9, 2015
It was leemings played on a amiga 500+.
+2 jan burg · January 9, 2015
I've been recently replaying Fallout 3 and now starting onto Fallout: New Vegas (from 2009 and 2011). God I love those games. I recommend these games to anyone who enjoys high quality action-rpg games such as Mass Effect series.
+2 Aja Enyi · January 9, 2015
Call of Duty... Ghosts, MW, Black Ops
+1 mostafa hassan · January 6, 2015
Sniper Elite
+1 abhishek phukan · January 6, 2015
watch a gameplay of watch dog....
+2 Montaser Qasem · January 6, 2015
BioShock Infinite
+1 Abdullah Karaman · January 1, 2015
Mario!!! Lol

I think Call of Duty and Grand Theft Auto. It depends what genre do you prefer? Strategy? Action? Simulator? 1st person? 3rd person? 
+3 Sheffield Kaelin · December 31, 2014
Planetside 2 is what converted me from a console to PC gamer. 

It's not as popular as I really think it should be - but it's massively different from any other game you've ever played, and a lot more fun.

Here's a cinematic trailer that shows it off, the 200v200 player battles really contrast with the the COD and Halo 16v16 matches.




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