What is your favorite computer game?

+49 Bucky Roberts · December 1, 2014
Looking for some good games to start playing for PC. What's your favorite game?

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+2 jan burg · January 9, 2015
I've been recently replaying Fallout 3 and now starting onto Fallout: New Vegas (from 2009 and 2011). God I love those games. I recommend these games to anyone who enjoys high quality action-rpg games such as Mass Effect series.
+2 Abdullah Nauman · January 9, 2015
Wizard101, or Clash of Clans 

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+2 KCJ Alva · January 10, 2015
you should try out Diablo 3... nice storyline
+2 Duba Blaz · January 30, 2015
Favorite - Witcher, currently I'm playing BattleBlock Theater :D
+2 Roger Pettersson · December 3, 2014
@ xXx_DeveloperJohn_xXx Snipars ---> ( ?° ?? ?°)????????? Haha... yes, i remember watching this when it came out, and during that time i played early CS (half life), and just as you, that scream of frustration, i bet everyone have one of those once in a while :)

@ Bucky, Civ V, when playing competition (hardcore), can be deeper than chess... but, i mostly try and play casual and try get the feel of the atmosphere of the game, rather than headbutting the mechanics of the game. I have Civ V on steam, but have uninstalled it. If you want to have a game, let me know. And im a rookie at the game, seriously :)
+2 Montaser Qasem · January 6, 2015
BioShock Infinite
+2 Feisal Ahmed · December 25, 2014
My fav pc game is  Phantom Army " ........<3 Action + Adventure :)= Addiction
+2 Erwin Mark · December 25, 2014
All baseball games i would say :D and any middle-earth games because i'm a big fan of LOTR and The Hobbit 101%.
+2 Mahdi Massarewa · July 3, 2015
Minecraft as well :) or maybe snake -,-' xD 
+2 Tim Bogdanov · January 31, 2015
post questions on the correct topic please



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