What is your favorite computer game?

+51 Bucky Roberts · December 1, 2014
Looking for some good games to start playing for PC. What's your favorite game?

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+2 Abdullah Nauman · January 9, 2015
Wizard101, or Clash of Clans 

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+2 KCJ Alva · January 10, 2015
you should try out Diablo 3... nice storyline
+2 Duba Blaz · January 30, 2015
Favorite - Witcher, currently I'm playing BattleBlock Theater :D
+2 Roger Pettersson · December 3, 2014
@ xXx_DeveloperJohn_xXx Snipars ---> ( ?° ?? ?°)????????? Haha... yes, i remember watching this when it came out, and during that time i played early CS (half life), and just as you, that scream of frustration, i bet everyone have one of those once in a while :)

@ Bucky, Civ V, when playing competition (hardcore), can be deeper than chess... but, i mostly try and play casual and try get the feel of the atmosphere of the game, rather than headbutting the mechanics of the game. I have Civ V on steam, but have uninstalled it. If you want to have a game, let me know. And im a rookie at the game, seriously :)
+2 Montaser Qasem · January 6, 2015
BioShock Infinite
+2 Feisal Ahmed · December 25, 2014
My fav pc game is  Phantom Army " ........<3 Action + Adventure :)= Addiction
+2 Erwin Mark · December 25, 2014
All baseball games i would say :D and any middle-earth games because i'm a big fan of LOTR and The Hobbit 101%.
+2 Mahdi Massarewa · July 3, 2015
Minecraft as well :) or maybe snake -,-' xD 
+2 Tim Bogdanov · January 31, 2015
post questions on the correct topic please
+2 Felix Moog · December 22, 2014
I used to be a die hard minecraft fan until Microsoft bought out Mojang. Now i'm a fan of all the valve games with particular interest in Dota 2, Team Fortress 2, and Portal 2. My only criticism is that these guys need to learn how to count to 3.



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