What is your favorite computer game?

+51 Bucky Roberts · December 1, 2014
Looking for some good games to start playing for PC. What's your favorite game?

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+4 Daniel Collier · December 2, 2014
thenewbostonforum game, level 10, wooooooop
+3 vedant gupta · December 24, 2014
+3 Sachin Zade · December 2, 2014
Call of duty-Modern warfare series <3:)
+3 Ray LeDuc · December 2, 2014
Lord of the Rings Online. FTW
+3 DG Wright · December 3, 2014
I'm an old school PC gamer, me. None of my favourites post-date 2004. :P My all-time favourite though? Quake II. Utterly epic. *nods* Diablo II comes in second.
+3 Muamet Shasivari · December 25, 2014
My favorit pc game is HALO
+3 Sheffield Kaelin · December 31, 2014
Planetside 2 is what converted me from a console to PC gamer. 

It's not as popular as I really think it should be - but it's massively different from any other game you've ever played, and a lot more fun.

Here's a cinematic trailer that shows it off, the 200v200 player battles really contrast with the the COD and Halo 16v16 matches.

+2 Augustine Hernandez · December 4, 2014
Awesome Game!/images/forum/upload/2014-12-04/c8e07440a46872249c0cd38ce469b334.jpg
+2 Kerim Timirbulatov · December 8, 2014
Hi Bucky, i think RPGs first person are the best, i played Gothic 3, i enjoyed it alot, and i wish a newer game like that with unlimited abilities with a huge game World. But i'm sure that there are much better ones out there.
+2 Chris Headhouse · January 26, 2015
If you haven't heard of The Talos Principle, I'd suggest you look it up, I haven't played it myself, but I do think it looks very promising.
It's an interactive first-person puzzle solving game made in Serious Engine 4.

EDIT: It's beautiful aswell. :>



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