What is your favorite computer game?

+51 Bucky Roberts · December 1, 2014
Looking for some good games to start playing for PC. What's your favorite game?

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+7 Bucky Roberts · December 2, 2014
I bought Civilization V yesterday and tried playing it but there was too much stuff to figure out so I quit  :dizzy:

Anyone here play it before?
+6 Sirius Black · December 1, 2014
THE WALKING DEAD -by telltale games. ITS AWESOME!!!...if you like a story kind of game then you MUST try this out Bucky. :)
+5 Bucky Roberts · December 1, 2014
I don't watch too much soccer, mostly just hockey. The FIFA game looks pretty fun though (just watched some gameplay videos on YouTube)
+5 shanzi own · December 2, 2014
COD no doubt all of them ^_^
+5 Steven vd_W · December 2, 2014
 Battlefield 4 :D
+5 jan burg · December 2, 2014
Battlefield as an online FPS is one of my all time faves. Counter Strike can be fun with custom maps, but I wouldn't recommend it.

Single player has a lot of good ones. Some I've recently played that were fantastic: GTA4, GTA Liberty City Stories, Alien Isolation, Far Cry 3, Watchdogs, Max Payne 1-3, new Batman series (Archam Asylum and Archam City I think), Sleeping Dogs, Mass Effect 1-3, Metro 2033, Metro 2033 Last Light, LA Noire.
+4 James Grimshaw · December 8, 2014
+4 Roger Pettersson · December 1, 2014
I mostly play rpg (fallout, elderscrolls), or some strategy (cursader kings, HOI), but every sunday we have a 4-player gathering, playing any 4-player games, like left4dead, payday2, gauntlet, dota2, borderlands.

And try to leave competition feelings, or else you will just turn hostile/rage and end up thinking about how they made the game, and see through "the game", almost like the matrix... and after that, everything becomes dull. But of course, if you like competition, only the game mechanics matters, really, and the fun lies in beating your opponents.

+4 Developer John · December 2, 2014
Roger Petterson, lol that scream at 1:52 just gave me Ebola.
+4 Developer John · December 2, 2014
Skyrim is ONE of my favorite games, but Minecraft would have to be my most favorite of all. It's even coded in the language I'm learning now.:sideways:



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