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+5 Justine Amf · November 30, 2014
I don't know what software to use in order to study SQL, and my professor was saying something about using DOS base over a  windows base software. 

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0 Abdullah Nauman · November 30, 2014
0 shanzi own · November 30, 2014
i use wamp sever but my lecturer told us to use MYSQL workbench either works i guess
0 Jason Amador · December 1, 2014
mySQL Workbench is really nice for designing your db, there is a great gui design tool.  But if you are trying to learn how to write good SQL queries, work from the command-line to practice.  I usually design in workbench then do inserts and stuff from the console.

But either way, you have to have a mySQL server installed and running.
0 Emma Mullen · February 22, 2015
A bit late to respond on this but I would recommend Microsoft SQL Server Express. It is free and you can download some sample databases to build up your knowledge of SQL. It would be good to be familiar with this piece of software when looking for a job as many companies use this piece of software.
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