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+6 Rehman . · November 30, 2014
Hello every one!
i have been thinking on a project, its in my mind still i dont know where to start...
Actually i want to make digital notes in which teacher's slides are sync with student's computer and student can add any notes anything related to that lecture and save it on students end....anything you guys help is appreciated 

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0 Jason Amador · December 1, 2014
I think this would work well as a browser app.  So the teacher creates the lecture, the student logs in and joins the lecture and can add notes to it that save on his/her account.  This would be a valuable tool, and would not be too difficult to create, I don't think.  It might be a good node.js project.
+1 Rehman . · December 1, 2014
well i was thinking about something like teamviewr can do, yes the main idea is that we must have the ability to share the document which can be edited on each end and only teacher is the parent doc provider. First of all will it be effective ? can u provide any disadvantages ?
+1 Rehman . · December 1, 2014
we may face difficulties like if teacher is delivering the lecture most of times it happens that teacher skip any slide which is not worth giving much time and just have to skim it so in large number of students it may get un easy to have track that where teacher is ? which slide he is teaching and like that it may occur when student is making notes teacher goes on next slides vice versa , problems like that can be handled if student is viewing the screen of teacher 
0 Jason Amador · December 1, 2014
It could be made to follow the teacher's navigation.  Or include a "go where the teacher is now" button or something.  You could also build in little quizzes or overview questions, multiple choice, to be answered live with % correct returned.  
+1 Rehman . · December 1, 2014
yes exactly *teacher navigation* it will keep student on the place where teacher is, what method/lang/technique can be used on this ? do u have any idea ?
0 Jason Amador · December 1, 2014
There are many ways... I think node.js server would be a good platform. Then maybe websockets for the live part,  or just a button that shows teachers state by storing it in a db. 
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