Peer to peer bluetooth file sharing

+3 Vivek Arvind Balaji · November 28, 2014
Hello everyone,

I have to create an android app for p2p file sharing using bluetooth. The system consists two sources containing the same video/audio file and a destination. The destination chooses to receive the file from the closest peer by calculating the distance dynamically. 

The constraint is that the video/audio file must be downloaded in chunks instead of a single file. We've been asked to do so because whenever the peer that it currently sending the data goes farther and the other source comes nearer, the destination must connect to the new closer peer and start downloading the data from the point where it stopped.

Any idea on how to achieve this? Thanks in advance. 

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0 Vivek Arvind Balaji · November 29, 2014
I've done the basic implementation of downloading the file as a whole. I need help on how to do this dynamic thing. I mean how do I compare distance and receive files based on that?
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