Java vs C++

+1 Shreyansh Rana · November 28, 2014
What is better JAVA or C++?

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0 Shreyansh Rana · November 28, 2014
"better" in terms of usability, syntax, demand, how-many-apps-can-be-develop, IDE's avilable.
+1 Mathias Frits Rørvik · November 28, 2014
This is a terrible question. People, stop comparing languages.
0 Jason Amador · December 1, 2014
learn both.
0 Developer John · December 1, 2014
I totally agree with Mathias, people need to stop comparing languages. I find all languages non-comparable. I don't like Hajar's statement though. Both languages can allow you to earn large amounts of money, it all depends on the amount of effort you put into programming. I just find this insulting "C++ is hard but it pays at the end $$$". It's just so biased to make me believe it.:sleeping:
+1 Yousef Al-Hadhrami · December 1, 2014

I use Java because my School only teaches Java, but the are both good. if you want to make a program fast then use Java, but if you want a good job in the future, like a game maker then learn C++

*There are both good
*C++ is hard but it pays at the end $$$
*Java is hard but it easy to make a simple program

You are born 1999 so i recommend JAVA, not because i don't think you can handle C++ but because at that age you look for make programs fast and not spending to much time.

You should learn both.

Now thats something that I strongly disagree with
it's like your saying that any one now should never learn assembly because it's a long time ago
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