Microsoft or Apple

+5 Braydon Davis · June 3, 2014
Which company do you guys prefer, Microsoft or Apple? 
I personally prefer Microsoft. 

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+1 HyJax LTD · October 21, 2014
The real bottom line is do you want to have to learn new things that may take a bit to cordiante with the rest of your functional e-life or do you want something designed for it because you don't want to learn terminal commands and just want the system to run.

If you are ready to develop for the OS you have MAC.  That way things that are windows variants you get to use the terminal window to make happen.

If your looking for a syatem that most the world is already functional with and don't want to spend hours researching something that might not even be possible.. Windows.

So do you mind terminal settings, if not Apple/*nux.  Do you want point and click, then Windows.

They all have the same risk of exploitation these days.  Before I would say *nux and apple were higher risk because everyones outright cries as to them being virus free.

Now we all have accepted they are all just as easy as the other to exploit. If you haven't, go read some more.
+1 Ben   · October 21, 2014
Why not Linux and Android? 

Open source > Closed-Source/Proprietary Software that tracks your every move that you can't configure/alter yourself to your liking. 
+1 HyJax LTD · October 21, 2014
Right now that depends on do you want to have more ability to load more of todays software's?

Do you have your home all Apple already, because that's what Apple pretty much requires. It don't run right with Windows or Linux.

So this used to be down to the graphics ability but they are both pretty even to for manipulation and graphic design.

While Im an old schooler and hate the thought of one tech giant, most things are MSFT compatible.

I like that people don't think windows is all bulletproof either (of course).  That means they don't run around all cocky saying they cant be hacked this way or that... Lets face it, some of us laughed hard in 2011 when the Linux Git hub was discovered to be "...running SEVERAL variants for an unspecified amount of time that did give the ability for hackers to hack the source file, butmost likely did not."

What... Linux, actual malware style data breach virus and such... say it aint so.

To hilarious... anything can get a virus. When you think there your system is bulletproof... that's when they have the best designed malware.
+1 George Williams · October 1, 2014

"Saddens me that people think Samsung is Android. Sure, at the moment their phones use Android as a backend. Trust me, they are going to ditch Android as soon as they get the chance."

Lets focus mainly on :

"Saddens me that people think Samsung is Android"

That right there is an assumption. Yes, I am also guilty of assumption because im assuming this was directed at me, after all I was the only one to say Android. With the exception of Edgar of course.

Why do all of your arguments have to end with something negative to say about me?
+1 Pedro Alves · October 1, 2014
Honestly if I had to pick one, I will probably choose Microsoft. I don't like what Apple is doing right now. They are copying others. Also, OSX isn't compatible with anything and you are paying 1000$ for a computer you could buy for 500$ (and it would be better). But if I could pick one that isn't on the list, I will either pick Samsung or Google
+1 George Williams · September 28, 2014
Lol. According to Apple though, it doesn't affect those who don't mess with the default settings for their version of bash(if not bash then default settings for something because they seemed reluctant to say) because it prevents remote exploits. It also affects Android but not Google's version because of a different type of bash they use.

About 17,000 machines were compromised after they announced the bug, I wonder how much of those are Apples :), is the reason the NSA didn't try to stop the Iphone 6 because they knew the bug> Well, just like the Tootsie pop, "The world will never know:"
+2 William Frost · September 28, 2014
Apple got shellshock boys :D
+1 George Williams · September 28, 2014
Really? Disrespectful language?

And your still misinterpreting and making assumptions. If I said:

"I prefer android(Samsung Is the beast)"

Then that would mean I an referring to Samsung as the reason I like android but I know that other phones like HTC use it so I wouldn't say that. Instead I put Android in the brackets because I like Samsung because of Android. 

Listen, we don't make progress if we disrespect each other so I'm going to stay away from whatever forum responses you make because you don't seem to be able to handle correction.
+1 George Williams · September 27, 2014
Who said I thought Samsung was Android? what if I meant  I like Samsung because of Android? An like Android because I like Linux? Please stop making assumptions.
+2 George Williams · September 25, 2014
I am utterly disgusted at these choices. Microsoft for laptops and desktops, Samsung for all my mobile needs(Android is the beast). And any other thing is Linux. I refuse to even touch an "apple" without gloves. :|)



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