Microsoft or Apple

+5 Braydon Davis · June 3, 2014
Which company do you guys prefer, Microsoft or Apple? 
I personally prefer Microsoft. 

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0 MD. Ziaul Hoque Ripon · September 16, 2015
for some reason i hate apple......................
+1 Neil Cannon · February 22, 2015
They both have their use, but it's all technology to me.
+2 Colonel Panic · December 18, 2014
Change working safer to production system

Prod Server == Linux
+3 Tim Bogdanov · December 18, 2014
Agree with steven
+1 Steven the awesome · December 18, 2014
I not going to pick, either of those extremely big companies. Whenever I need Apple I am going use Apple, and whenever I need Microsoft I am going to use Microsoft. I personally hate this argument where people are arguing what is better. 

1: Play games == Microsoft
2: development or design == Apple 
3: Working safer == Linux
+1 Tim Bogdanov · December 17, 2014
thats not nice Mathias :P
+1 Molez Moeas · December 17, 2014
apple is better than microsoft  :D
+2 Donald Trump · December 15, 2014
Always Microsoft.
+2 Colonel Panic · December 15, 2014
I think the reason most people (at least the people that know the operating system past the GUI) harbor resentment for Microsoft, is because of their need to constantly do things differently than the rest of the industry.  Take for instance the ^M that is placed on the end of lines when coding on a MS machine, or the need to interpret CSS in IE differently than every other browser.  

Lets not forget the ruthlessness of their licensing.   I applaud many of their efforts.   .NET is a great framework, and I am glad they finally made it opensource.  I also think many of their applications are very good.  Visual Studio makes coding almost child's play. 
+2 Muamet Shasivari · December 15, 2014
Almost everyone keeps in the middle and pretending that keep both sides :)
But I am 100% sure that everyone grew up with Microsoft and unfortunately,because Microsoft for some reason underestimated
Mobile Technology and thought that mobile tech will not grow that fast and didn't invest that much in mobile tech.
But Microsoft is Microsoft and I am pretty sure that they are restructuring and developing new "weapon" which will surprise lot of people.
So,I am not ashamed to say that I prefer Windows OS in all Devices but they should have FREE version of OS in order everyone has chance to have that or afford that with a good price.



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