Microsoft or Apple

+5 Braydon Davis · June 3, 2014
Which company do you guys prefer, Microsoft or Apple? 
I personally prefer Microsoft. 

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+1 George Williams · October 1, 2014

"Saddens me that people think Samsung is Android. Sure, at the moment their phones use Android as a backend. Trust me, they are going to ditch Android as soon as they get the chance."

Lets focus mainly on :

"Saddens me that people think Samsung is Android"

That right there is an assumption. Yes, I am also guilty of assumption because im assuming this was directed at me, after all I was the only one to say Android. With the exception of Edgar of course.

Why do all of your arguments have to end with something negative to say about me?
0 Gregory Ballantine · June 10, 2014
I wouldn't say I prefer either company over the other, they both do great things and they both do many terrible things.  However, generally I prefer Windows (in a dual-boot with Debian or something linux) over OS X for general use, while at work, which is for the most part a *nix environment, I love my Mac. For phones, iOS all the way >:D
0 MD. Ziaul Hoque Ripon · September 16, 2015
for some reason i hate apple......................
0 Ron McCurdy · September 23, 2014
At one time, I worked for an Architectural/Engineering firm that had Apple computers for timekeeping/scheduling, Linux for their proprietary CAD software, and Windows on Linux for AutoCad.  It was a real joy to jump through all those hoops!? NOT!  Oh yes, and trying to use AutoCad, Microstation, and their proprietary CAD to create drawings could become confusing...good thing they went belly-up...



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