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+1 Stuart Baird · November 28, 2014
So I created this link, and when I hover it with my mouse then it will act like I'm trying to copy and paste the text (But the link still works).. It's hard to explain, so I'll just put some examples;


Then when I hover over it;


See the the cursor changes to that.. I don't want it to change to that, I want it to change to the hand with the finger, like when you click on links..

I would be very grateful if you knew how to sort this out, thanks!

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-1 Stuart Baird · November 28, 2014
It worked! - I never thought about that property, thanks!
+1 Bucky Roberts · November 28, 2014
You can use this CSS property...
cursor: pointer;

to change the mouse cursor to a finger when you hover over it. It you have any problems, post your source code and I can show you how. 

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