+3 tshepo ngwenya · November 26, 2014
HI, everyone I've been using the site to teach myself programming and i would like you guys to help me understand how a "NEWS FEED" works, like the one in this site (thenewboston) and other sites like Facebook and Twitter. I am a php beginner. i would appreciate the coding as well. thank you in advance.

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+2 Brendon McBain · November 26, 2014
Hello Tshepo,

A news feed is probably one of more basic features that you can program using PHP. It involves storing information into a database, and then, when the page loads, that information is pulled on the page. For example, when you write a Buckysroom post, that message is sent to a database, and then others can read it as it's now in the database of information which is being outputted dynamically on to the stream.

To program this, you need to know skills such as using MySQL with SQL, and basic PHP. Specifically, you need to know how to upload and download data from a database.

I hope this helped. :D
0 tshepo ngwenya · November 29, 2014
hey guys thank you for your help, cause now i have clue and its all thanks to you, even though i still have a long way to go as beginner but im pretty sure that i will get there. Im from a poor family and parents can't afford to take me to college but with this site i can see myself becoming someone. SALUTE TO ALL OF YOU HELPING US.
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