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+2 jamie y · November 26, 2014
I have many divs on my page that have a class of "height". I am trying to get the height of all of them so that if the height is greater than 400, it will wrap a div with class scroll. Currently, I can only get it to work on one page. I figured I needed a loop but I am unable to figure it out. This is my current iteration of the code which does seem to work on at least one page

$('div.height').each(function() {
if($(this).height() > 400){
$(this).wrap("<div class='scroll'></div>");
} else {
$(this).wrap("<div class='noscroll'></div>");

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0 Samuel Oloruntoba · November 29, 2014
you need to include the code on every page, and also try this, it would save you intepretation time

(function($) {
  var divs = $('div.height');
  divs.each(function(index) {
    var div = $(this);
    if( div.height() > 400) {
      div.wrap("<div class='scroll'></div>");
    } else {
      div.wrap("<div class='noscroll'></div>");
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