+2 david kevork · November 25, 2014
What is the use of namespace or it's importance

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0 Dezmen Sykes · November 26, 2014
namespaces can group classes which can be referenced when u include the namespace in another file. Its not highly important though because you can just create a class and require the file in another file and use the contents like that. Only thing is there will be more file classes but its no big deal
0 Brendon McBain · November 26, 2014
Hello David,

Dezmen is completely right about what a namespace is, however, they're definitely of importance. This feature is built into other languages such as Java and ActionScript 3, which makes classes far more easier to work because it allows you to load classes with ease, no need for a loader, and no need to call by file directory. If you look at PHP frameworks such as Zend, I think you'll find that they use this, I'm not 100% sure though. It's definitely a hassle to add it in PHP because it's not built in, but it does have it's pros!

I hope this helped. :D
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