no characters in My UDK ?

0 Putra Adhie · November 25, 2014
I was making my maps with UDK, following bucky UDK tutorials on youtube...
Bucky said, you can test your maps by click the right on the mouse button... and click "Play from here"

Yap, i can test my maps and works perfectly.... But i have no characters in there...
here's the screenshot.


Is there someone who can give me an explanation about this ?

i hope there is someone who want to help me.

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0 Putra Adhie · November 26, 2014
the character that i'm playing of course....

bucky said, UDK automatically give us a test character to run in your maps... But there is no character in my maps?

take a look at bucky UDK tutorial 10th

Here's the screenshot of tutorial


if i try to test my maps by "right clik on the mouse button" and "click play from here"
I dont have any character like that...

Can you explain about that ?
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