0 mike dunne · November 23, 2014
this is what I have so far but I thought it should work... I am just learning so go easy on me... I have been watching your videos and learned a lot.. did my first website thanks to you but now I want to register users and having a little bit of a problem.. trying to build a register page... I have a form that I made and I just want to use it at the top of the page to save some space and use the form for other things.. I have a form.php file that works just having a problem linking it to the register.php file...

<!DOCTYPE html>
<?php include "form.php"; ?>


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0 Ron Butcher · November 25, 2014
As long as the file you listed above is another PHP file and it is in the same directory as form.php you should be ok.

Are you getting an error?  Is the page blank?  What is going on when you visit the page above?
0 Jason Blesing · November 24, 2014
Umm, could you explain further, please? Show us what you mean by "linking it to the register page. What page did you show above?
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