Hi, from an old 'newbie'

+2 Bill Roy · November 23, 2014
Just found Bucky on YouTube and followed through the TNB. 

At 58 I guess I am one of the older members here. :'( 

Looking forward to learning a lot from both Bucky's videos and reading the forum posts, something that will most probably take me a few years! 

Seriously though, being new to computer programming apart from using Basic a few decades ago at university I am really pleased at finding the videos by Bucky.  Over the past couple of days watched (and learned a lot from) the MySQL videos - something I had tried for several months to do from text books.  Now I need to start working through the rest of the video series so as to understand how to develop the website I want to build.

I think I should hit the HTML series first, but if anyone would like to comment or suggest a route through Bucky's videos please feel free to suggest it.  :)

Any other Bucky fans over in the UK? 

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0 Hannah Damon · November 23, 2014
Welcome to thenewboston!
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Just joined the website? Feel free to introduce yourself here. Oh, by the way, welcome to BuckysRoom!

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