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+3 Osama Hashmi · November 22, 2014
I am new to the programming world.  I understand the basics of html/css and watched a few c++ videos.  I am a high school student entering  a programming competition which occurs in February.  I want to create an android application.  Where/how should I start learning?  In other words, what is the fastest way to learn android development?  Should I start with the basics of Java and move forward, or can I go straight to Java/Android development?  Thanks in advance.

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+1 Troy Jones · November 22, 2014
Start with Bucky's Java Tutorials.  Then the Android Tutorial's.
0 jan burg · November 22, 2014
I agree. Start with some java tutorials like Bucky's beginner tutorials 1-87 I think. I also recommend the youtube video 'Patrick WashingtonDC java' tutorial for grasping java concepts. Then after you have some understanding of java, it'll be much easier to jump into Android app development with either Android's eclipse plugin or Android Studio.

I tried to start Android App development with inadequate knowledge of java a little while ago and it was totally not fun. I got no where. Learning how Android apps work and how to program them is another thing to learn itself, so make sure you have some java experience. I got a couple youtube videos I recommend for making a couple calculator type apps to get started. The first one is for Android Studio if you go that route: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7iAm_YyOk9o
The second one is for Android Eclipse if you go that route: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_sodmekXeDY

I recommend trying to get Android Eclipse to work first since it can run on lower end computers. Android Studio takes up a crap load of ram. You need at least a modern dual core with 4GB ram minimum for Android Studio. Android Eclipse on the other hand works just fine on my laptop with 2GB ram.
0 Osama Hashmi · November 22, 2014
Thanks for your advice.  Will definitely check them out!
0 Osama Hashmi · November 23, 2014
One more question.  If I watch both the Java tutorials, and then the Android Development Tutorials, is that sufficient enough for me to create an advanced app?  This programming competition basically has a 36 hour limit to create any hack you want.  I was thinking about creating an app that takes pictures of math problems, and solves it for you.  Is that reasonable with the videos I watch, or is too far out of the box?  If it is unreasonable, then what types of apps am I limited to?  Keep in mind, I go to an IB school so I don't have a lot of time to take programming classes.  I want to learn as quick as possible, with in depth knowledge so create something unique.
0 jan burg · November 23, 2014
After those tutorials, you'll be able to make a basic calculator that you can add on to, one that has numbers to punch in and operators. You could probably make something to solve polynomials. What you're talking about is a little advanced I'd think. You'd probably need to read up on image recognition API to translate a photo into a math problem. Then solve your math problem. I would first try creating an app that could solve something limited to polynomials or a specific area of math problems. Then you could read up on an API that translates photos to text. That does sound pretty advanced though.
+2 Troy Jones · November 24, 2014
If you can learn the concepts quickly, you can do anything.  The sky's the limit. (j/k. Android API 21 is the limit) :)
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