What tutorials would you like to see next?

+120 Bucky Roberts · June 2, 2014
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0 Kyle Eames · June 23, 2014
assembly programming. You could easily make tutorials for  it whose quality far exceed anything else on youtube.
+2 DesgarrĂ³n Pantera · June 24, 2014
I would like to see advanced php and advanced sql for next tutorials

with clearly information

+3 nosaJ G · June 26, 2014
Please go back to the photoshop tutorials and do more.  There are only 16.

Thank you
+7 nosaJ G · June 26, 2014
Also, Please make more C programming tutorials.  They abruptly stopped after 15. 

Thank you.
+5 Wilford Ice Brimley · June 28, 2014
Please do C++11-C++14!
+2 abhishek nicchanametla · June 28, 2014
i need tutorials about open source project in any language may be in c.just take an example project and explain for us...
your tutorials are very good... i must say...thanks...
0 Wilford Ice Brimley · June 28, 2014
C++11 - C++14 is the new standard for C++. It apparently makes programming in C++ a lot easier. 
+3 Dima Sama · June 30, 2014
How about assembly languange. Learning the theory behind computers and computer programming is exciting. Plus you can go straight to microcontroller using assembly language as a programming language for embedded system.
+1 Hank Man · August 9, 2014
automated stock trading please
+1 Kaila Rodriguez · August 10, 2014
Cobol Programming :D

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