What tutorials would you like to see next?

+120 Bucky Roberts · June 2, 2014
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+3 Jason Eaton · June 20, 2015
How about blender video editing - game development I'm just learning how powerful blender is had no idea......
+1 Arnab Banerjee · June 21, 2015
Ya I am with Jason . :cheerful:
+2 Tyler Lafrance · June 23, 2015
Some kind of computer security?
+2 Vikranth Pendyela · June 23, 2015
Hey Bucky,

You have been making programming videos for many years and making it interesting for dumb students like me. But I was just wondering if you can make videos on theory parts of computer subjects like software engineering (Principles, methodologies, DFDs etc)
+1 Sajib Devnath Akash · June 23, 2015
+2 Arnab Banerjee · June 23, 2015
Someone was just talking about SAP as most  Growing thing in software industry ..  Honestly I don't know what the hell it is... Any guidance on that Bucky ?  :)
+4 Franz Schmidt · July 6, 2015
It would be nice if Bucky could make a tutorial about web-security.

I mean in some tutorial there are some tips how to prevent hacking attempts and it would be nice to get some more information how to programm a website which can't be hacked that easily.

Greetings Franz
+1 Roman Smirnov · July 7, 2015
Advanced Excel. 
I'm studying computer science in uni and Excel is required material. You have to pass an exam with stuff like nested functions, array functions, MATCH, INDEX etc. etc. This stuff is not covered by your relatively basic tutorial :)
+3 alex constantin · July 7, 2015
+1 Rahul Ragesh · July 7, 2015
How about building android app like angry birds or subway surfer?? Like incorporating animation in android apps!! :D 

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