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+120 Bucky Roberts · June 2, 2014
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0 Francis Cormac Britton · December 17, 2014
If the assembly videos are gone then may we please have some new ones?
0 Mo Hunter · December 18, 2014
Excel VBA (different uses of macros) ! Thanks for the tutorials.
+1 Ryan Gregorio · December 18, 2014
Bootstrap Latest Version
+1 amadeus fakih · December 18, 2014
I think there is nothing important than making some tutorials about connecting android with a server using php and json, no one did such tutorials before the only thing available on youtube is a poor and unsecured login/register android app connected with a server 

please make some series of videos on how the main building blocks of android works together while connected with a back end (mysql, php and json), for example submitting forms from android to server, uploading pictures to a server, downloading files from a server, long running operations using android services, secured login/register apps, create, edit, delete and search functionality no one did that before I check all android channels on youtube, I think that will attract millions to TheNewBoston channel 
+1 Arnab Banerjee · December 18, 2014
Can you make tutorials on PYTHON ADVANCED ?  I mean it will be pretty coll just like you did in Java. So what do you think Bucky ?
+2 Muamet Shasivari · December 18, 2014
I think it is time Bucky to make a tutorial about Windows Phone with C#;)
+2 Banana Derpson · December 18, 2014
Regular Expressions?
+1 Colonel Panic · December 18, 2014

+1 for regex.   Its used in practicly every single programming language, quality text editors, bash.  Regex is very important to know.  It's probably the most important non-language skill a programmer needs to have.  Followed closely by a second place git. 
+1 acevan s · December 21, 2014
Tutorials on (preferably both ;) ) of the following :


If you are only gonna do 1 then SystemC please. Thanks. By the way your tutorials on C++ are really good.
+1 hai lua · December 21, 2014
data base

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