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+114 Bucky Roberts · June 2, 2014
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0 Hari Charan · November 9, 2015
Unreal Engine 4 - BLUEPRINTS Visual Scripting
This is a tremendous improvement  done by Epic games, from UDK's Kismet. I have learnt the basics of Unreal architecture from your tutorials on UDK (which were awesome btw) , and switched to UE4 blueprints. But there are not many tutorials on making a full fledged game with blueprints, only basic ones, It would be really good if you take up this. :)
0 Amanuel Amha · November 8, 2015
I hope you would finish the Robotics and electronics tutorial. And just want to point out that your tutorials are awesome!
0 wareeq shile · November 4, 2015
advance c programming for game and gui , i would be glad
0 Tyler Lafrance · November 4, 2015
Continue your Slick2D tutorials, or make a LibGDX tutorial!
0 ahsan khan · November 3, 2015
OPENCART tutorials please! E-commerce related web development.
0 Linux Forever · November 3, 2015
3D Modeling and programming Bash please?
0 Angel Willis · November 2, 2015
Go Programming
+2 Oscar Excel · October 30, 2015
Please bucky, make a tutorial on game modding with hxd....I've searched for tutorials but no hope...I'm really a great fan of ur work...ur tutorials are very helpfulhelpful, its the best in the world...
+1 Oscar Excel · October 30, 2015
Can u please make a tutorial on game modding using hxd. I love your work Bucky. Great Job
+1 Shahar Dagan · October 28, 2015
Thank you for all your hard work
Can you make Assembly tutorials||Network + Python(Chat, Online Programs and games)  if it possble ?

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